5 Hacks Which Can Turn You into a Kitchen Master

5 Hacks Which Can Turn You into a Kitchen Master

You may feel that cooking is a really tricky task, even though you have a recipe book in front of you. The good news is  there are hacks that can turn you into a kitchen master, saving you some time the next time you cook. In fact, these extremely helpful tricks may also be handy even to veteran chefs.

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  1. Go healthy! Make your own herb garden

Fresh herbs can add different degrees of flavors while intensifying the taste of your food. As a matter of fact, fresh herbs can make your dish spicier, more peppery or sour  and fresh. While you can easily purchase cheap herbs from the supermarket, you may also grow them cheaply. Plus, at home, they’re guaranteed fresh and you can have them anytime you need them.

  1. Form patties wider when cooking on a grill (and add a dimple on the burger)

This act will prevent the formation of a bulging burger. The sides cook while the center puffs up. So push your thumb into the center of the patty to make an indentation and you’re sure to cook a perfect burger.

  1. Tasting meat mixtures (meatballs and meatloaf included)

In order to get the taste of your meat mixture, all you need to do is to take a small portion of the mixture and then fry it. This will allow you to know exactly how it will taste later on. If you notice that it does not taste right, as adjust the salt, pepper or other spices.

  1. The right amount of bacon

There is a so-called classic way of piling bacon, that is, the traditional X. However, there is a problem with this style. It creates an overlap in the center, leaving other parts without  bacon. Instead, try the bacon weave. It is very easy to create and covers the entire surface area. With this trick, you just might create the best BLTs around.

  1. Learn the secrets of egg poaching

Perhaps you have already heard of this method – poaching. This may sound like a technique done by professionals and chefs, but the reality is, you can actually do it yourself. True, it can be finicky, but learning how to do it is actually worth it. It is a whole lot easier than you may think. The best part is that it will really make you look like a pro.

There are other techniques that you can learn aside from the five mentioned above. These techniques can certainly turn you into a kitchen master, even without having to master everything about cooking. Just learn these tricks and you’ll see cooking doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

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