5 Pleasing Meals for a Man

5 Pleasing Meals for a Man

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is an adage that has guided a lot of women through the ages. However, there’s a caveat to this saying: every man has different tastes, and not all women know how to cook. If you are searching for a good meal that can lead you straight to your man’s heart, consider these easy yet delicious dishes.

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  1. Rib-eye with mushrooms and caramelized onions

Men, at least most of them, love steak. Perfectly grilled rib-eye steaks after marinating in olive oil and fresh rosemary are great. If you are not fond of grills and grilled food, then it may be the time to adjust your thinking.

  1. Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas

The preparation of this dish is quite easy. All the ingredients are dumped altogether in a sheet pan. Then they are tossed together, placed inside the oven, and that’s it! The concept is easy, yet it produces an amazing dish for your dinner. The best part is that it is low carb, low fat, and Paleo compliant. Add some hot sauce if your man likes his food spicy.

  1. Country Style Grilled Pork Ribs

Preparing this dish is relatively easy. The ribs can be prepared using an easy-to-mix dry rub, and then grilled. This can be applied the evening prior to cooking. It can also be served with a vinegar sauce. You may also choose a butter barbecue sauce, flavored with molasses and horseradish, made without preservatives. As a tip, brush the sauce on the ribs during the last five minutes of cooking, after caramelizing.

  1. Glazed Maple – Mustard Pork Roast

This dish is on the fancier side, but it will surely make your dinner a little more exciting. Secure high-quality ham for this dish and mix in some mustard and maples syrup. You are assured of a high-quality dish afterward. This meal is perfect for an Easter dinner with your man. Just keep in mind that preparation  may take eight hours for this recipe, and the actual cooking time is four hours.

  1. Bison Chipotle Chili

If you love chili, and if your man loves it hot, then a bison chipotle chili dish  is can’t be beat. A cool Sunday evening will certainly be spiced up with this meal for your dinner. As this is flavored with smoky powder, it can also be complimented with two other ingredients: unsweetened chocolate and apple cider. The chocolate can offer a deep flavor while apple cider can introduce a natural sweetness. Bison is also a healthy option. The ratio of fat to protein is relatively low, making it perfect if you are aiming to consume more protein than fat.

Preparing a meal for your man is exciting in many ways. However, seeing the approval on his face as he enjoys the food you have prepared is way more satisfying than anything else. Any of the meals mentioned on the list will surely help you achieve that goal!

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