5 Vitamin Water Fillers That Can Make Your Water Tastier

5 Vitamin Water Fillers That Can Make Your Water Tastier

We need water, that’s a fact. We love water, not because we do not have another option, but because it’s our life. We drink it at home, our workplace, and other places where thirst reaches us. However, there are some people who find water quite boring, and have creatively come up with ideas on how to make water more delectable.

Here are 5 vitamin water fillers that can make your water tastier and more exciting!

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  1. Citrus, Berry and Herb Mix

Lemon, strawberry and basil; basil, blueberry and lime; or perhaps lemon, raspberry and basil—they are all great combinations for your water. All you need to do is slice these citrus, fruit and herb mixes and throw them in your water for a refreshing and tasty thirst quencher. Mix this combination into your water at least an hour prior to drinking to extract maximum flavor.

  1. Mint and Watermelon

Mixing mint and watermelon means a flavor explosion right to the very end! You just need to chop up some watermelon, as well as about 5 to 6 pieces of fresh mint and you can have this really refreshing drink that will set off an explosion of flavor in your mouth. As a matter of fact, you will find yourself wondering if what you have in front of you is actually water.

  1. Pineapple and Mango

One look at these two fruits and you may think that you are up to making juice. However, you can simply chop up these fruits  and infuse them in your water to create something similar to a Caribbean service drink. This is perfect if you live in a tropical climate where there is an abundance of these fruits.

  1. Vanilla, Rose Petal and Pomegranate

As compared to the other items in this list, you may find that preparing this concoction may turn out to be more challenging. You can start by tossing your pomegranate, vanilla and rose petals together and then covering the combination with water. Mix the ingredients together, allowing them to infuse water for about a day inside the refrigerator. Afterward, take them out, strain your water through a sieve or cheesecloth, then serve with ice.

  1. Oranges and Blueberries (combined!)

Imagine the taste of oranges and blueberries combined. Infuse it into your water and voila, you have a very refreshing drink that can certainly keep you hydrated all throughout the year, but most especially during summertime.

It is a given fact that staying hydrated is very important. However, it is particularly important during the hotter season. When the weather is scorching hot, and you find yourself staying active outside, it is highly important to consume more fluids than usual. Another good reminder to do so even before you feel thirsty. This is a reliable indicator that you are already on your way toward being dehydrated. By taking fruit infused water, you will not just feed what your body needs, but also one that your tongue will surely love.

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