7 Alcoholic Drinks You Should Know About

7 Alcoholic Drinks You Should Know About

If you like to mix drinks at home in order to save money instead of going out to drink, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out different recipes with friends.   On the other hand, if you love going out, it is also important to know which drinks are great to try out.

The following is a list of seven alcoholic drinks that you definitely need to know about:

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  1. Martinez

This drink is typically considered the grandfather to the martini that we currently know today. It is a combination of gin, Curacao or maraschino, sweet vermouth, and bitters. It is relatively sweeter than the dry martini, but its flavor is both refreshing and complex.

  1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a cocktail comprised of a combination of bourbon or rye, sweet vermouth and dry vermouth. There are different variations under this cocktail family, with the primary difference being the use of ingredients.

  1. Margarita

Margarita is often synonymous to a Tex-Mex or Mexican place. It can be made out of fresh ingredients or can be made from a pre-mix. It is a concoction of a good tequila, triple sec, as well as fresh limes. Now that’s a great drink.

  1. Sidecar

This is often referred to as a cousin of Margarita, but falls under the same category with the classic tequila. Sidecar uses lemon and cognac, with the template of orange liqueur, spirit and citrus. While Margarita brings a warm, bright feeling, Sidecar introduces mellowness and warmth, which is perfect on a cool night.

  1. French 75

French 75 is a must-be-present alcoholic drink on any cocktail geek’s list. This drink got its name from the French 75 mm field gun, a weapon used commonly back in World War I. It is a combination of lemon juice, gin, and champagne. It produces a flavor which is refreshing, tart, effervescent and herbal.

  1. Bloody Mary

The best part of Bloody Mary is tomato juice. Make sure to use good quality juice, and not just concentrate. There is no need to have the best vodka, but you can even use bottom shelf stuff. Rather than using a celery salt rim, you can use salt and pepper. You can even alter the mixture depending on your preference and personal taste. You can even add horseradish if you want to!

  1. Jack Rose

This alcoholic drink is often mistaken as very simple. It is a combination of lime juice, applejack and grenadine. The resulting flavor is just delicious. You may even create the grenadine by yourself. You can also use bottled pomegranate juice, but if you have the time and money to spend, you can use better brands, to provide a fresh apple flavor that is needed for the blend.

The list above includes some of the most popular alcoholic drinks that you need to know and be familiar with. Show of your knowledge when mixing drinks at home or see these as a must-try the next time you go out with your friends.

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