8 Foods You Can Freeze to Save Money and Time

8 Foods You Can Freeze to Save Money and Time

Do you know that you can actually get the most out of your money by freezing your food – literally? As a matter of fact, you will be amazed at the amount of money you can actually save. Here is a list of eight foods that can be frozen consumed at a later time.

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  1. Summer Fruits

During the month of May, you can buy lots and lots of pineapples. Then you can dice and freeze them inside freezer bags. In June, freeze your strawberries for the cooler months. During the months of July and August, prepare boxes of blueberries. These summer fruits can really turn expensive midwinter. Freezing fruits can certainly get you through the winter months.  As a tip, in order to avoid giant solid frozen clumps, rinse and dry your fruit before freezing them.

  1. Frozen Veggies

Even though nothing really beats fresh veggies, recent studies show that frozen veggies are actually as nutritious as fresh ones. They are cheap, and a great way to add veggies to soups, stir-fries or any other dish.  Your wallet will thank you for saving money and your body will be pleased with your veggie consumption.

  1. Fillers & Sides

This can mean freezing cooked rice or pasta. Afterward, they can be divided to serving sizes and frozen in zipped plastic bags. At the start of your day or week, you can easily pull out what you need and thaw it for your dinner.

  1. Seafood and Meats

This is perfect if you find marked down seafood and meats. This trick can easily help you save money with every meal. You can visit the deli section for marked down options on meats in order to get idea of the best time to purchase them.

  1. Pancakes

So you thought that it was impossible to freeze pancakes? The trick here is to make sure that they do not stick together when they are stored. All you need to do is freeze the pancakes in separate layers first before putting them into a Ziploc for packaging.

  1. Light breakfast sandwiches

You can easily make light breakfast sandwiches. This can be done by substituting in egg whites and turkey sausages. They are so light that they boast around 240 calories per serving.

  1. Cheese and Egg Veggie Cups

Simply combine your available veggies with whisked eggs and then bake them in muffin tin. Try veggies like peppers, carrots, peas and corn.

  1. Chipotle Chicken Chili

Chili has the capacity to freeze really well. The secret lies in the way you fill your bag, then flattening it totally while sealing.

The abovementioned list will surely help you save money. Just remember to label your freezer bags, including the contents, amount and the date you froze them so you know what you’re pulling out of the freezer and what date you need to consume it by.

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