8 Supposedly Healthy Foods that Are Actually Unhealthy

8 Supposedly Healthy Foods that Are Actually Unhealthy

Blame the media, blame what we think we believe in. Most of the time, we find ourselves blinded with things that are not really even true. This is also applicable to the way we view foods. There are supposedly healthy foods that are actually unhealthy. Check these eight items on the list and start reducing your consumption of these surprisingly unhealthy food options.

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  1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has recently received a good amount of attention by a lot of people praising its creamy and thick texture, as well as its high protein content. Well, these are all great, as long as you choose the nonfat or low-fat version of this yogurt. By taking a close look at the label, you will see that this product actually provides 75% of your daily saturated fat limit, as well as 290 calories.

  1. Wraps

You may feel that wraps are safe because they are just lighter compared to sandwiches. However, consider this: they are made of white flour. This means that you are actually consuming about 360 calories for a large 12 to 14 inch flour tortilla. It also provides you with a third of your daily limit in sodium. Even though the filling is healthy, such as veggies and hummus, the dressings used are actually calorie filled.

  1. Nutrition Bars

The hype on this product is usually due to the antioxidants and fiber present in a bar. However, the antioxidants are actually from Vitamin E, which is not the same as the vitamin you get from vegetables and fruits. At the same time, the added fiber is insoluble, which promotes digestion, but not your overall health. If you are craving a bar, you may want to choose fruit-based options.

  1. Egg Substitutes

Egg substitutes are generally ready-made and are replacements for actual whole eggs. While it does not have the cholesterol and saturated fat found in egg yolks, it also does not have the nutrients from a standard egg, such as Vitamins D and A.

  1. Low-Calorie Sandwiches

This applies particularly to sandwich thins. They may provide you with sandwich fillings, but they are not really bread. These thins actually contain a lot of fillers, which are generally processed.

  1. Vitamin and Mineral Infused Water

This type of drink is really popular these days, as there is a healthy glow to their introduction. However, the fact remains that these drinks are non-carbonated soft drinks. The fats included in these drinks are generally fat-soluble.

  1. Cream of Wheat

Cream of wheat is often introduced as a food item that is packed with vitamins and minerals, with no added sugar. However, it is also short on fiber, which means that it will not fill you up. If you opt for the flavored packets, you will also get your added sugars and colors, which are not healthy.

  1. Salad Dressing

The fat-free options on salad dressing may sound healthy, but if you check the ingredient list, the product is actually sugar water with some flavor added.

Therefore, the next time you purchase a supposedly healthy food product, take the time to read the labels to see if they are really are healthy.

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