Avoid These 6 Burger Mistakes That We Often Make

Avoid These 6 Burger Mistakes That We Often Make

Everybody loves burgers! Aside from being a go-to food for people on the go, it is already a complete meal that can provide you with all the sustenance you need. It’s also an easy meal to whip up. However, there are some things that some of us have been doing during the preparation process that are actually wrong.

Here are the six common burger mistakes that we often make and should avoid:

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  1. The Grill is Not Oiled and Clean

The end result of this mistake is that the burgers may stick to the grill. In order to clean your grill, warm your grill first, scrape it clean using a wire brush, and then wipe your grill using an oiled paper towel. It is easier to clean your grill if it is warm. In order to make things easier, clean your grill after every use while it is still warm.

  1. Not Paying Attention to the Lean/Fat Ratio

It is very important to understand at this point that if your meat does not come from a cow, each processing step and packaging may introduce a chance of contamination. Cheap beef may not really make you sick, but it may not taste as good as you would expect. The best meat that you can use for your burger is one with a perfect ratio of 20% fat and 80% lean. Fat is still important. In order to check its  freshness, ask the butcher to grind it while you wait at the counter.

  1. Meat Overhandling

This mistake can often result to your meat not being tender. Reality dictates that the less you actually handle your meat, the better the results will be. Mushing your meat gets the proteins all worked up. In order to have the best burgers, do not do anything before shaping it into patties.

  1. Not Considering the Bun Size in Making the Patty

It is important to remember that burgers tends to shrink when cooking. Therefore, it is recommended that you shape the patties about an inch wider in diameter than your buns. Do not go over ½ to ¾ inches in thickness and make them at the same time so that they can also cook at the same rate.

  1. Adding Salt Before Making the Patties

First thing, make sure that you use kosher salt in your meat, as the structure and shape allows you to evenly season it. Salt draws the water out of your meat, dissolving proteins. This will result to the meat clinging to each other, resulting to a springy look. Instead, salt your meat after you make your patties. Season only one side and put it on the grill with the seasoned side down.

  1. Not Putting an Indentation on the Patties

This will result to spherical burgers which will not hold the toppings neatly. Remember that burgers contract while cooking. Thus, the middle will puff up. Therefore, create a gentle indent in the center and the burger will turn out nice and flat.

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