Behold The 10 Most Manly Cocktails Ever Created

Behold! The 10 Most Manly Cocktails Ever Created

If you are looking to invite some male friends over for a drink at your house or have plans to go somewhere to enjoy a special event, make sure that you have the right kind of cocktails to complete the night. We’re not talking about any cocktail, but the manliest cocktails that you and your friends deserve. A drink is considered manly if it is not too sweet, thus, fruity flavors are a no-no. The best ones are typically clear or brown. They also do not have to be really high in alcohol, but the throat burning and bitter taste makes them real manly.

Here are the 10 most manly cocktails ever created.

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  1. Whiskey Sour

Just the name of this cocktail is already an assurance that it is manly. It is a concoction of lemon and whiskey, and maybe sugar for starters. This may not really be the baddest one out there, but it is considered a really refreshing drink which is great for summer time.

  1. Jagerade

This drink is inspired by the Gatorade energy drink, combined with jagermeister herb liqueur. Aside from being a simple cocktail, it is also great for your electrolyte intake. The buzz factor may not really be there, but you can be guaranteed of a strong taste with a lot of bite.

  1. Bloody Bull

This is often considered the male version of Bloody Mary. It is an interesting mixture of beef bouillon, vodka, lemon, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. Considering the sauces added, you will certainly end up like a bloody bull after a shot.

  1. Juice and Gin

This is highly recommended by Snoop Dogg. This cocktail is made of grapefruit, gin, as well as orange juice. This is tough enough to be considered  a cocktail with a fruity taste yet is still considered manly.

  1. Sidecar

This cocktail is a combination of cognac, triple sec, and lemon juice. It produces more kick than the standard martini.

  1. Gold Rush

This manly cocktail is perfect for summertime. It is a combination of lemon juice, bourbon, and honey. It is potent enough for a smooth shot. This is also considered the cooler summer version of a hot toddy.

  1. SnakeBite

This is a concoction of two main ingredients: Canadian whiskey and lime juice. The name itself is already proudly manly, which will certainly give you that nod of approval from regulars.

  1. The Godfather

This manly drink can certainly add some bass to your tone. It is an interesting mix of whiskey or bourbon and amaretto and served in whiskey glasses.

  1. Coke and Jack

This is a very popular manly drink. The recipe is quite simple. All you do is  combine enough coke and Jack Daniels to produce a bittersweet and crisp mixed drink. This can produce a hangover, though, if you drink too much.

  1. Dirty Martini

This drink is a combination of vermouth, gin, olive juice and classic olives. It is a perfect drink for men who have a classy, mature taste.

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