Kitchen Ideas – 7 Cooking Tips Which Will Change Your Entire Life

Feel like you have been cooking the same things the same way all your life? Are you interested in trying  something new? Change is good, especially if it is for the better. Rather than using the typical kitchen techniques and strategies, why not try something new? Here are seven cooking tips which will surely change your life. Why not try them out?

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  1. Cutting Corn – Use two Bowls to Avoid Getting Kernels Everywhere

Have you tried preparing corn kernels, but only end up getting them everywhere, on your table, or even on your kitchen floors? This can be avoided by simply wrapping a small bowl with a paper towel. This is to ensure that slipping is avoided. Set it upside down in a bigger bowl. If you have a Bundt pan, you may also want to try it, too.

  1. Pre-Soaking Pasta – It Will Cook in Just 60 Seconds

This may really sound weird, however it just works. This can be done by soaking the pasta in water while placed inside a sealed bag overnight or even just for a couple of hours. Then you can cook it really fast with boiling water, or simply add it to a hot sauce in a pan, allowing it to finish cooking there.

  1. Peeling a Kiwi – Use a Spoon from the Inside Out

Rather than wondering how to peel a kiwi the right (and clean) way, all you need to do is cut the kiwi ends off, and then use a spoon to slide it under the skin surrounding the kiwi and move it along the entire surface. The kiwi will pop out just like that.

  1. Grating Frozen Butter – Even and Quick Distribution

Instead of waiting for the butter to melt before adding it to your pastry dough, simply grate frozen butter and add it directly to your pastry dough. This is perfect for biscuits, pie and others recipes where you want to use butter fast while it is still cold.

  1. Slicing Cherry Tomatoes

Avoid spending too much time slicing your cherry tomatoes one by one. All you need to do is to hold your tomatoes in between two plastic lids and then run the knife across the gap between the plates to slice them all at the same time.

  1. Caramelizing Onions – Add Baking Soda

Save some time when caramelizing onions by adding a dash of baking soda. There is science behind this action, and it really works.

  1. Grating vs. Mincing Ginger

The standard procedure in the kitchen calls for the act of mincing ginger every time we need to add it to our dishes. However, in order to get the fullest flavor of this spice, why not grate it using a micro plane rather than mincing it. In order to make it more fine and easier to grate, all you need to do is to freeze it first.

Some of these tips may new to you, while some may already be a part of your routine. These tips will certainly make your life in the kitchen even better! Why not try them now?

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